aquarians have mastered the art of being alone. they are typically private in nature and express with a mysterious air of intrigue. aquarians frequently withdraw into their own worlds when they become too dissatisfied with people

i wrote two scripts today at work it was v. cool i can’t wait to shoot them

Y’all if you want the longest lashes in the game, layer Too Faced’s Better Than Sex over Benefit’s They’re Real! mascara your lashes will literally touch your hairline

Do you ever look at pictures of your ex and wanna slap yourself

i think the most detrimental thing you can say to a woman, but especially a young one, is “you’re not fat, you’re beautiful!!!!!!!!!” like nah bitch i’m both because those two things are not mutually exclusive so wrap your fucking head around that

yesterday a woman came into the store who i knew could not afford anything in there, was not going to buy anything and just wanted her makeup done with expensive product, so after making me do a (free) full foundation twice (which includes washing, moisturizing and priming the face) she looks at our Naked palette display and says, “I wanna look like that, I want my skin to be perfect like that.”

This was the photo she was talking about:

I literally said to her, “That’s photoshop.”

Idk how I feel about Amy Schumer tbh like some of her comedy is funny but her delivery can be so annoying.

I’m so so so so tired but I can’t rest cuz I gotta go from this job to my second job in a bit but I’m v. tired and I have to work tomorrow but here’s the cool thing I’m so tired bc I had a really awesome date last night and also cuz I’m making maaaaaaad paper so like, good problems?